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Google Chrome’s download bar hangs around until a user manually closes it or closes the browser altogether. For some users, this comes in handy because it allows them to open downloads quickly without having to go to the downloads page in Chrome or open the folder where their downloads go when finished. For some it is an annoyance, and that is where Always Clear Downloads for Chrome comes in handy.

chrome clear downloads automatically

This simple extension clears completed downloads every five seconds. This gives you a little time to launch the file when it finishes and then have the downloads bar at the bottom of the screen go away. If you are the kind of user who opens files later, or opens them quickly and then does not need to come back to them again, this extension should come in handy. It does not delete the files downloaded or clear active downloads. It only parses inactive downloads from the list without touching the files.


  • Automatically clear complete downloads from Google Chrome.
  • Clears downloads every five seconds.
  • Gives you enough time to open completed downloads before removing them.
  • Does not touch active downloads or delete downloaded files.

Find Always Clear Downloads on the Chrome Webstore

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  1. Lee
    October 10, 2012 at 9:33 pm

    If this clears downloads every 5 seconds, how much memory/CPU does it take up? That's one big reason I don't like using a lot of extensions, because I feel like they would clog up my system.(even though I'm sure it doesn't take up much, and my computer would have enough memory anyway). The other big reason is that they create a lot of shortcuts at the top of every browser window.