Cleaners Compared: CCleaner vs. Slimcleaner vs. IObit Advanced SystemCare

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pc cleaner comparisonAlthough Windows is a very capable operating system, it is infamous for its deteriorating performance over time. This seems to occur with every system, and isn’t fully curable without performing a complete re-install of the system. However, with the help of some clever system cleaners, you can drastically increase the life expectancy of your system before you have to resort to a re-installation.

While there are a handful of system cleaners out there for users to try, some of the top solutions include CCleaner, IObit Advanced SystemCare, and SlimCleaner. All three of these solutions aim to increase the performance of your system so that it can perform optimally. I compared these three programs based on their interface, features, scan times, and results. An ideal cleaner should have a simple, easy to use interface with effective features, quick scan times and accurate and helpful results. After all, there is such a thing as cleaning too much.


Interface: CCleaner is one of the most recommended system cleaners for anybody to use — it includes an extremely clean, sane interface. All of its navigational buttons can be found along the left side of the window which lists off the different functions of the application. If a function has more sub-functions, these are also listed off along the left side. I also enjoy that it shows system statistics at the top of the screen in a nicely formatted style. However, some people could argue that it’s a bit boring, but hey, it’s a system cleaner isn’t it?

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pc cleaner comparison
Features: CCleaner comes with a:

  • file cleaner
  • registry cleaner
  • startup manager
  • program uninstaller
  • system restore point manager
  • drive wiper

The file cleaner takes a look at all temporary Windows files it can remove as well as temporary files stored by various supported third party applications, including Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Flash, and more. Some of the supported options increase the overall time of the cleaning process (such as the “wipe free space” option), and CCleaner will warn you if this is the case as soon as you select the item. Some similar warnings apply to a few other possible selections.

pc cleaner compare
Scan Time and Results: Selecting all of the available cleaning options led to a scan time of 10.862 seconds, and it found a total of 1,645 MB to remove. Scanning for registry issues took another ~3 seconds. Of course, the scan times and disk space to be recovered will vary based on your system’s performance and how much stuff you actually have on your system, but we’re using these statistics in comparison to the other two system cleaners.

Looking at the list of results returned, I’d say that CCleaner is very effective at removing the crud that you really don’t need. Better yet, it doesn’t cause harm by deleting too much — a problem that plagued earlier system cleaners.

Summary: CCleaner is a lean application that does an excellent job of wiping up the mess that Windows and other applications create. Compared to other applications, however, it doesn’t include quite as many tools for further optimizations.

Rating: 8/10

IObit Advanced SystemCare

Interface: IObit Advanced SystemCare (IAS) is a system cleaner that we’ve covered at MakeUseOf before with great reviews, but how does it compare? Its interface is very flashy, but it’s also interesting and makes me feel like the application is powerful. It’s very well organized and even includes different interfaces for beginners and experts. I like it a lot, and I’m sure most people will too.

Features: IAS packs a lot of different features to get into every nook and cranny of your system. It offers the ability to:

  • clean temporary files
  • remove malware
  • defragment disk
  • clean and defragment registry
  • shred files
  • uninstall software
  • manage startup programs
  • close certain services while playing games or working
  • undelete files
  • boosts Internet speed
  • and more!

These features aim to clean up your system and optimize the way it runs, not only from the disk perspective but also based on what’s running in your RAM. IAS is therefore more of a system optimizer than just a simple cleaner.

Scan Time and Results: I went into Care and chose all available settings and had it scan my system. It returned “12275 problems” in 1 minute and 8 seconds after checking 12 different types of issues. It also returned to me my levels of Security, Performance, and Stability. Apparently my Security was bad, Performance was medium, and Stability was good.

pc cleaner compare
I was a bit skeptical about the results at first based off of the different categories, but after looking at the suggestions it makes, it seems to be legitimate and helpful. I wouldn’t mind applying all of the suggested fixes.

Summary: This application has an awesome interface and lots of ways to improve your system. The only downside to the application is that it does have lots of ads for its Pro version, but it works charms as long as you click those ads away. The free version isn’t a trial, so you won’t be forced to upgrade.

Rating: 9/10


Interface: Last but not least, I took a look at SlimCleaner. I found its interface to be decent — it has custom, glossy elements all around. Items are also well organized, so it’s not difficult to find the right tool that you need to clean or optimize your system.

pc cleaner compare
Features: SlimCleaner packs a handful of useful tools, including:

  • remove temporary files from the system and third party apps
  • sweep through the registry
  • “optimize” your system by controlling which programs and services launch during boot
  • uninstall programs, Windows updates, browser add-ons
  • Disk Tools which includes a shredder, wiper, and defragmenter
  • Windows Tools which provides access to various Windows system settings and tools

pc cleaner comparison
Scan Time and Results: I tested out the cleaner by choosing all available options and selecting Analyze. If you use this program, make sure not to click on Auto Clean — that will let it delete everything it finds without giving you any additional warnings. SlimCleaner is pretty efficient when it comes to cleaning; the scan took just 4.765 seconds to complete, and it found ~2.5 GB of recoverable space. I scanned through the results list and I didn’t find anything suspicious, so it is pretty safe to use for cleaning. It especially found System Log Files and Windows Error Reporting files that could be removed.

Summary: SlimCleaner is a decent solution that has access to a large variety of different cleaning and optimization tools. While it’s interface is a bit tacky, it’s fully functional and ready to work for you. Sadly, it took a few seconds to initially load despite the fact that I have an SSD, so it was rather slow. “Slim”Cleaner may not be the best name for this application.

Rating: 7/10


I believe that all three cleaners are great choices and that it mainly comes to your personal preferences as to which one you prefer the most. However, there are still differences between the three, and after an objective review, IAS is the declared winner. It simply offers the best interface and most optimization tools in a single package. Be advised that, while cleaning shouldn’t cause system damage (although still possible), some tasks may not make any performance improvements. Registry cleaning is one such example. However, if speed is what you’re after, check out our Windows Speed-Up Guide!

For more great Windows software, check out our Best Windows Software page!

Which system cleaner do you think is best? Why do you think so? Let us know in the comments!

Image Credit: babyruthinmd

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Can IAS can secure delete like Ccleaner or Hard Wipe?

Danny Stieben

I believe it can.


Eric S

Ccleaner is the best!! If you look into Iobit they don’t play nice. I read an article about them getting info from Malwarebytes and not legally!


Who cares about what they do in there spare time, it’s their problem and problem of the company who owns Malwarebytes; you should only concern if it is good for your computer or not.. and from the looks of it, iobit advanced systemcare has one of the best performance and cleaning utilities any free program can offer.


Steven Groves0

Any time I work on someones computer I always install CCleaner because it seems to do the job that it needs to do.


Vicky Morrison

I have been using CCleaner for many years and have never had any problems from using it. I have been using Wise Care 365 along with CCleaner for several months now and between the two of them I have a clean, optimized system.

Oron Joffe

I agree, Wise Disk Cleaner and Wise Registry Cleaner (or the combo packageWise Care 365) are excellent products, and between them and CCleaner you have a hell of a tool set. Also like you, I’ve been using CCleaner for many years (in fact, going back to when it was called C***Cleaner) and it has never caused me problems. For that reason alone, I consider it to be a “top tier” tool.



I am a CCleaner fan — it is installed on all of my computers and on family members’ systems, too.



Looking at the screenshots for iOBit and SlimCleaner, I see both of them have custom “user interfaces” (the titlebars and titlebar buttons are customized). I dislike programs that waste resources on “skinning” the entire UI, making for more bloated programs and wasted development time just to replace something the Windows GUI provides; it tells me the programmer is more interested in style than substance.

Also, CCleaner Enhancer adds new programs to its cleaning list; was that evaluated as well?

I’ve seen several rants on MakeUseOf and other blogs against “registry cleaners;” I admit Windows Vista and 7 seem to take much better care of the registry than, say, Windows 98; even XP kept the registry fairly clean and healthy. Why all the hate for something that’s just going to remove a few orphaned keys? It’s not like in the Windows 98 days, when a crappy “cleaner” would hose your system.

Danny Stieben

CCleaner Enhancer wasn’t evaluated since it wasn’t part of the original cleaner.

Arron Stone

I use iOBit Advanced Systemcare 6.4 pro and it does not uses a bit of resource, even while scanning …….. It has a huge amount of tools…. my maximum CPU usage while using this is 9%!!!

SO, I suggest you to try it.


William Smaling

I’ve been using CCleaner since it was in beta, never had any complaints. For added features, go and download CCenhancer made by SingularLabs. It digs deeper and cleans out more useless scraps. Its free and adds much more apps to your cleaning list. I’m surprised the OA didn’t mention that option, but very good article otherwise.



I’ve used CCleaner for years with no problems and its one of the first things i add to a new computer or a friends.



iobit was my favourite before, but they say to pay for the full version.. and ccleaner gives us free access to a full version..,, so now i have been using ccleaner since 4-5 years now, and i am very satisfied … I even ould love to recommend to you guys, that ccleaner is the best .., ya guys !!!!!!!!



My Windows problems all went away when I stopped using these kinds of programs.


My problems went away when I stopped using Windows. :P

Danny Stieben

When was the last time you used one?


its true.I used CC once and it messed it up bad the second time it crashed and i haven’t used it for years now..One of my RAM’s died so i came here to to maybe get a program to speed my pc and was about to get the cc until i read this comment and realized i don’t wana go down that road again. thanks :)



Ccleaner works for me



You and Chris Hoffman ought to get on the same page. He definitely advocates against CCleaner et al in his latest article. Are you guys trying to confuse us, your readers? /grin/

Danny Stieben

We all have our own minds. :) We can try to convince you that they’re worthwhile or not, or I can just recommend tools to try if you’re interested. :P


Phuc Ngoc

Besides functionalities, which I believe CCleaner is more than a good match to IObit, CCleaner can be scheduled to run automatically, and that’s why CCleaner is my best choice.


Ben W

Ever since I found IAS a couple years ago, I’ve absolutely loved it. The default settings aren’t the best, but its easy enough to configure, and the ads aren’t really a distraction – the only popup ad is the one you get when you first install it.
Not only does the scan do a great job, but the toolbox offers so much more than CCleaner. One of the first things I do after a reformat, or someone else’s computer is install IAS, and often use tools like System Control, or the Uninstaller, which come built-into the software.

The free version is still very rich in features, leaving you with most, if not all of the important parts IAS offers, anyway. The main thing you’ll get from the Pro version is automatic cleaning, which isn’t a huge issue for me, though I can see where others might want it.



Hi Ccleaner is obviously the best in free category. I often wonder how they provide this for free when it is far better than the paid apps.Along with ccleaner I would suggest to use another gem from this vendor ”Defraggler”.But for paid version I will recommend iola system mechanic pro. It can dig deeper in Your system in order to perform a given task than other apps.

Donald L Wilson

Defraggler is by far the better choice when it comes to defragmenting your systems hard drive ( just make sure not to use it if you have an SSD installed) but in comparison to Microsoft’s pre-installed version, we’ll in my opinion there is no real comparison. Defraggler definitely gets the job done and has a very in depth option that allows you to actually click on each individual block in a sector to see what files are located there as well as being able to set up daily/weekly/monthly maintenance and has the option to take the place of Microsoft’s pre-installed defrag program.

Donald L Wilson

Another good feature in CCleaner is the option to save your registry file prior to you actually cleaning it, so just in case you think it erased too many files you have the option to restore to the original configuration prior to the cleaning . It also gives you the option to print out a detailed report that can be saved or printed on all the actions it took during the analysis and cleaning of your system


Noman Fayez

do not install anything unnecessary ….. there is no cleaner you probably gonna need….


Junil Maharjan

i like ccleaner and would prefer it although iobit scored the highest points.

Danny Stieben

Don’t get me wrong, I love CCleaner. And although I think IAS may be a tad bit better, I’ll probably end up using CCleaner anyways. This is a case of what I prefer more over what may be the technically-best choice.


Jaypee Cruz

i personally use ccleaner for fast cleanup.. but i also have an iobit.. for more advnced maintainance and realtime optimization :) .. works best for me !


But how is the performance after installing both of them? Doesnt it slow down the system?


Antanas Antaso

EaseUS CleanGenius


Chinmay Sarupria

All these cleaners degrades the performance of a PC. They always slows down computer speed.



I’ve recently started using Wise Disk Cleaner and Wise Registry Cleaner just because they are the best available options for the application.

I especially like Wise Disk Cleaner’s “Slimming System” option which allows me to remove unnecessary Windows components such as extra languages, installer baseline cache and windows downloaded installation files.

Also, the registry cleaner has some nice system boost options.


Krzysztof Buzko

For cleaning i was using the ninja cleaner. It seems to delete more files than the three pointed here. but i never compared them.


Carolyn Neville

Love cc cleaner!


Paul Prakash J

Been using CCleaner for years. always does its job. neat and clean interface.



I have used CCleaner for years without any problems, very safe and does the job. I have also tried Slim Cleaner and Iobit, while they do the job, they may do it too well, I have had a few hiccups using them. I think I’m going to stick with CCleaner.



I use Advanced System Care 6 Pro – as it costs next to nothing with iobit having regular sales. combine ASC with CrapCleaner, together they proved the best combination for clean up.

While you’re at it – go ESET for your virus s/ware, tight as and the game mode doesn’t hog resources like some anti-viral s/ware.


Ken Morgan

Hi Danny, Very good article on Cleaners.I use Ccleaner and Slimcleaner,is it ok to use both?…..My screen and cursor sometimes freezes and i can`t work out why.I`ve changed my mouse but thats not helped.Any advice would be appreciated….Cheers,Ken.


Neil Patterson

As a tech of 20 years, I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. Interestingly, you picked all three. and I think it’s odd that you would put your favorite in the middle. To me, CCleaner is, by far, the best. I’ve never had issues stemming from removing files, never had to restore a registry cleanup, it has worked flawlessly for me on THOUSANDS of PCs. It’s interface is unambigous and clean. New tools recently added allow you to review not only windows startups, but now you can also see scheduled events, and startups for your various browsers too. We wrote it up on our website ( and install it on most of our clients PC’s that need tuneups.

IObit, aside from their nagging to buy it, I believe it is too flexible and novice users can potentially remove things they need, unknowingly. Slimcleaner, is a new one to me. I saw it recently on a customers system, and thought that it looked like a knock off of CCleaner.


Bob Jones

I found iObit rather tenacious in that it left behind a few services which continued to run. Indeed after running it I uninstalled it and this took Reveo Uninstaller a couple of passes to do that; then a few MS Services needed to be stopped. I prefer a cleaner which does its job, then goes away (but is ready for the next time with an upgraded version). CCCleaner does that.


Muneeb Hussain Modi

I’m Using JetClean, JetBoost and Wise Care 365 for 6 Months and My PC is Fully Optimized With These Utilties and Running like a New PC and I Think JetClean and Wise Disk Cleaner is Much Better Than CCleaner.



Finished reading all these reviews and it looks like more people like Ccleaner. I use advanced system care 7.4 the free version and it seems like they focus on the unnecessary things that you dont really need. Unlike IASC, ccleaner is to the point.



Slim Cleaner looks like TuneUp Utilities. I’ve been using IASC7 until I had to go to the free version recently. I’m worried I won’t have all the features I’ve consistently used. The RAM cleaner is very useful for my 2 gig, pre-i4~5 core system, and the performance monitor is great. It even goes with my space and black motif! Thanks for the comparison. (Even though I’m late…)



Is it ok ifI use Ccleaner + Advance systemcare or Wisecare 365 ? + Esetnod32 ?



As a computer repair tech I suggest using Ccleaner. It has always done a good job of getting rid of junk and temp files. At one time I used ASC and I installed it on client’s systems. Then I got a call from one of them complaining of a homepage hikack. Apparently he installed a nasty as a piggy backed program while updating ASC. It took me two days working with a tech from Malwarebytes to rid the system of a very tenacious virus and hijacker. After this, I have removed ALL Iobit software from my systems and all my clients as well. ASC was just too sneaky to be safe for my clients.



slimware is pcmag editor choice app and others are even not in thier list, what you say guys?

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