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CleanCSS is a handy online application for quickly optimizing and formatting Cascading Style Sheets online. In other words it allows to make your CSS well organized and clean.

Using the site is easy, simply add CSS code directly or get it from URL, then select options according to your needs and apply them by hitting “Process CSS” button.

Here is the list of things you can do:

    – Sort and optimize selectors and their properties.
    – Compress font-weight and colors.
    – Remove unnecessary backslashes and semi-colons.
    – Discard invalid properties.
    – Compress code layout in 4 compression modes ranging between high readability and smallest file size.

The output result can be obtained as a CSS file or viewed online as optimized and formatted CSS code along with the invalid properties and compression ratio.

format css online

CleanCSS is not the only application that lets you optimize and format CCS online, MakeUseOf reviewed a number of similar tools in the pass as well, including Style Neat, CSS Compressor and some more in 11 Tools to Check, Clean & Optimize CSS Files 11 Useful Tools To Check, Clean & Optimize Your CSS File 11 Useful Tools To Check, Clean & Optimize Your CSS File Read More .

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