Clean Up Your Emails with emailStripper

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emstripper   Clean Up Your Emails with emailStripper

Today I want to look at a tool which is free, small and very indispensable if you get lots of forwarded emails.

Whenever an email gets forwarded to a lot of people, the edges of the sentences start to become populated with >>>>>>>. The formatting of the text is all pushed out of whack and the whole thing looks like a mashed up dogs dinner. Enter Email Stripper.

When you next receive a messy email and you want to forward that email to someone else, run it through Email Stripper first. Just copy and paste the email contents into Email Stripper, click “strip it” and the text is instantly and perfectly formatted back the way it was originally along with the >>>>>>’s removed. You can then copy and paste the re-formatted text back into your email window ready to send once again out into the wilderness of the World Wide Web.

It’s a simple tool but extremely effective and it will rapidly become invaluable in your internet toolbox.

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I like the name, email STRIPPER… :-)


Me too!


Your list has been useful for me. Thank you.


This is all fine and dandy….but this day in age, where we have online office suites (Google Docs, Windows Live Writer, Zoho, etc….) – something like this would be a lot more easier to use if it were on a website….

Granted, there could be some “security problems” with “submitting” an e-mail and getting it converted, but most e-mails I get like this tend to be claiming some lady got the recipe for an ancient cookie, PASS it on! lol.


:-), yeah some of those ‘PASS it on’ emails should be featured on Comedy Central.

Dolores Carroll

I really like your e-mail stripper. Lost it for some reason and would like to download it again.

Dolores Carroll

I really like the e-mail stripper. I lost it when I had some work done on my computer. Will be happy to have it again.