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You can have a lot of fun online by creating virtual characters of yourself. Here to help you make such characters is a site called Clay Yourself.

create a character of yourself

Clay Yourself is a free to use website that lets you create virtual characters. You can start with the given facial frames and then customize other features. These features include hairstyle, eyes, eyebrows, glasses, eyeballs, nose, and mouth. When you are done with your customization you can share your character on Facebook or Twitter. You can also download your character in JPG image format.


  • Lets you create clay characters.
  • Offers a friendly interface.
  • Provides extensive customization.
  • Lets you share your character on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Lets you download your character in JPG format.
  • Similar tools: ThatsMyFace, AvatarizeYourself, Navilator and MpChange.

Check out Clay Yourself @

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