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Teaching or studying multiple college courses is not an easy task. But assignments, quizzes, and regular interaction with the class are made much easier thanks to It is a simple and free to use web service that helps simplify course management. You can set up a course, invite students to enroll online, and then keep them updated on the course.

course management program

The service works through your Google account and seamlessly integrates with Google Apps. If you are a teacher, you can share documents, post links to videos and images, assign homework, and schedule tests easily. Students can timely check the course page for updates and course-related news.

course management system offers a simple and effective solution to educational course management. The site will be extremely helpful to both teacher and students.


  • A user friendly course management system.
  • Lets you manage courses.
  • Integrates with Google Apps.
  • Lets teachers share documents, links, post assignments and homework.
  • Helps students and teachers, both.
  • Similar tools: LearnBoost, Udemy, TrackClass and ClassMarker.

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