How to Get the Classic Task Manager Back in Windows 10
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The Windows Task Manager got a fresh look in Windows 8 that stuck around for Windows 10. Aside from a more user-friendly look, it’s regrouped a few features and lets you manage more from one interface. While you can do a lot with the new Task Manager, some might yearn for the older interface of Windows 7 and before.

You’ll find a few good reasons to give the classic Task Manager a try over the new version. These include a faster startup, remembering which tab you had open last, and no confusing grouping of processes. Thankfully, you can restore the classic Task Manager with a quick download.

Head to Winaero’s site to download the Classic Task Manager. It’s a quick and standard install process and doesn’t offer any junk. The only choice you make during the installation is whether you’d like to install the classic System Configuration tool, which lets you change boot options and disable services or startup items.

After installation, just search for Classic Task Manager using the Start Menu and you’ll find the retro version. It works just like you remember, with the Processes tab having no groupings and the always-updated information in the bottom bar.

Most people will probably do just fine with the new Task Manager, but Windows purists who don’t find the Windows 10 Task Manager intuitive can get back into their old workflow easily with this.

If you really miss Windows 7, check out other ways you can make Windows 10 more like Windows 7.

Do you prefer the new Task Manager or the retro one? What’s your most-used feature of the Task Manager in either version? Let us know by leaving a comment!

Image Credit: imagedb_seller/Depositphotos

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