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The first Snood game for the PC launched way back in 1996, and it is still popular today. There have been hundreds of spin-offs and games based on the Snood premise on almost every gaming platform, including the iPhone. All those wannabes and spin offs aside, the official Snood game is out on the iPhone now, and it is available completely free, which is our favorite price here at MakeUseOf.

Snood is a classic match three puzzle game, and is one of the games that really caused the matching puzzle genre to take off back in the day. This version of Snood comes with over 100 levels and five difficulty levels ranging from easy to evil. All of the classic Snood characters are in the game, so if you are an old school Snood fan this will be right up your alley.

The free game is ad-supported and does not feature multiplayer. If you want an ad-free Snood experience and multiplayer, you can upgrade to the paid version for just a dollar.

I played the game for a bit, and it is still just as fun as it was back then. For a free game it offers an incredible amount of content. If you are looking for something new to play on your iPhone and you don’t feel like spending any of your hard-earned dollars you should check this out.

Source: EA Press Release


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