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Students can be difficult to motivate. Often times, they have other things on their minds besides doing all of their school work. Teachers need a fun way to keep their students motivated, and a program like ClassBadges might be just what the doctor ordered. It allows teachers to award students will all kinds of badges that they choose. Teachers can create and award badges for almost all student accomplishments.

reward badges for students

Teachers can create custom badges for almost anything. This means they can emphasize certain goals they have for their class. So for example, they can set it so that students get a badge each time they completely gain an understanding of a certain part of the class. They could also give students a badge for each stage of a research project.


The program is invite only right now. If you go to their website as a teacher, you can request an invite so you can try the program out for yourself. It seems like a fun way to help your students stay motivated and have fun with school.


  • Motivate your students with fun badges
  • Make custom badges for almost anything in school
  • Easy to use for teachers and students

Find ClassBadges @

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