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Are you looking for a cool way to set up and take photos from your iPhone? With a proper digital camera, you can get remotes for taking photos with you in the shot, or you can use the timer, but there is actually a better way. The iPhone comes with a microphone, so why not use that to take photos? With an application called Clapmera, you can clap your hands and have the app take a photo with you in the picture.

Now you don’t have to risk giving your phone to a stranger to get a photo with you in it.


Using the app to take photos is incredibly easy. All you do is click the “Listening” button and then go over to where you want to take a photo and then clap your hands to have it take the picture. Of course, you need to be somewhat close in order for the microphone to be able to hear you, so you won’t be taking long distance shots, but it will certainly work for most situations.


You can adjust the sensitivity of the app, so if you are somewhere you need to be quiet, you can make it work with a snap of your fingers instead of a clap. You can also adjust the time between the app hearing the sound and taking the photo, so you can clap and give yourself time to get in a proper pose and get the photo right.



  • Take photos using sound.
  • Adjust sensitivity of microphone.
  • Tweak time between sound and photo being taken.
  • Don’t risk giving camera to strangers.

Find Clapmera on the iTunes App Store

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