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Research papers are a major pain. Writing them is no problem, but gathering all the information you need is an incredible headache. You need to go to the source and write down all the bibliographical information to make sure you properly cite any quotes or paraphrases. Sometimes I think I spend more time working on my bibliography than I spend writing the entire paper. Thankfully, Citelighter exists to make this process easier.

gathering information for a research paper

Citelighter is a handy Firefox toolbar that grabs information directly from the source and stores all the bibliographical information for you. You simply need to highlight the information you need and tell the toolbar to capture it. It will pull as much bibliographical information from the webpage as it can find, and you may only have to enter a couple of fields. Once you save it, it will be stored on your account and accessible from anywhere.


Once you finish gathering information, you can start writing your paper or working on your outline from the app. You can even share your findings with friends via Facebook.

Video demo:



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  1. Cicas
    March 2, 2012 at 2:05 pm

    I use Diigo cloud solution exactly for this problem. And Diigo seems more flexible.