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Making a citation or attribution online, be it for a school paper, a blog, or a straight news article, is very important. It is a big part of recognizing the ideas and thoughts of other writers that helped shape your piece of writing. However, the Internet has not yet found a way to easily cite sources outside of linking back to the source URL. But with Citebite, it is now possible to get a direct quote from the article while showing readers the source URL with the quoted text highlighted for convenience.

link to quotes

Citebite is very easy to use. Just copy and paste the text that you want to quote or source into the text box, and then also copy and paste the source URL. Once done, click “Make Citebite” which will get you a unique link leading to the source URL with your quoted text highlighted in the content. This makes it easier for readers to look up the quoted text and view your article in context.

The tool is so easy to use that it might become a reasonable requirement when citing sources online. The app also makes great readability practice for engaged audiences who insist on reading through the sources.


  • Free; no registration needed.
  • Link directly to quotes in Web pages.
  • Highlights the quoted selection and shows source URL.
  • Similar tools: EasyBib, BibMe and Ottobib.

Check out Citebite @


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  1. Bc104
    June 26, 2011 at 11:24 am

    To me this looks like a slightly upgraded link shortener. This doesn't look like something that would be able to source properly such as MLA format, at least by reading this article. The one time I tried to use it it gave me a certificate error and failed to make a link.