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Thanks to modern cameras and smartphones, people today can record videos on the go. Usually people shoot their videos in chunks to record only the important parts of an event. When people need to share these videos with friends, it seems more suitable to merge the video chunks together to form one large video and share that instead of uploading and sharing the video chunks individually.

There is a good chance that if you own a computer then you have already tried and tested many video editing applications. But for users of the Windows 8 operating system, the experimentation is yet to be done and a competent video editing app that is easy to use would surely be appreciated. Here to be that application is the freeware desktop app called Cinelab.

video editing app for windows 8

Cinelab is a free to use desktop app for Windows 8 computers and Windows RT Tablets. The app provides you with user-friendly tools to edit and merge video chunks into one collective video in the mp4 file format. You start by installing the application and loading up the videos that you want to merge. The application interface allows you to trim video chunks from the beginning and the end, so your end result has only those sections that you want included.

Your added videos can be previewed in the full screen mode. Once you have trimmed your videos and ordered them, you can specify the bitrate for the output file and begin the MP4 merging process.



In the free version of Cinelab, you can merge up to 7 videos in an MP4 file. There is a Pro version that can be purchased from within the app; the Pro version does not have the 7 video limit.


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