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While looking for a computer solution online, you might have come across a sped-up tutorial screencast. Such videos are called time-lapse videos. The purpose of these screencasts is to squeeze in a long length of footage into a short video. Normally this is done using a variety of screencast and video editing software. But now you only need Chronolapse to create good looking time-lapse screencasts.

time lapse screencast

Chronolapse is a free to use utility for Windows computers. The application captures images on your computer screen for as long as you want. It then plays them at a fast speed to create the desired time-lapse videos. The app can also use 2 video sources: the second source can be from your webcam or a second attached monitor. To help create effective screencasts that viewers understand, you can use the app to easily annotate the videos. Audio can also be added to your screencasts.



  • A user-friendly desktop app.
  • Lets you create time-lapse screencasts.
  • Supports multiple video feeds.
  • Supports dual monitors and webcam feeds.
  • Lets you add audio to screencasts.
  • Similar tools:¬†GrowShow, CaptureFox, ShowMeWhatsWrong, Screenr, ScreenJelly, ScreenToaster, FreeScreenCast, uTIPu and Screencast-O-Matic.

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