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If you use your web browser all the time, than you will know how crazy your open tabs and windows can become. Sometimes, it can be next to impossible to keep it under control, and that is where Chromie comes in to save the day. It makes managing lots of windows and tabs easy and efficient. If you are having a hard time keeping track of everything, Chromie is the browser extension for you.


My favorite feature of Chromie is the ability to create separate workstations. You can click on the icon in Chrome, and Chromie will automatically create two separate workstations which allows you to easily have multiple browser windows open at once in an easy to read and controlled way. It is much quicker and easier than manually dragging browser windows around the screen trying to get them to a place where you are comfortable.

If you click the icon again, it will automatically move all of your Chrome tabs back to one screen. This is great when you no longer want the screen to be split between two browser windows. You an also use this app to assign keyboard indexes to specific tabs, making it easier to jump around between your tabs with more efficiency.


  • Quick, easy way to manage your tabs in Google Chrome.
  • Create workstations for different tabs so you can see everything you need on the screen.
  • Put everything back to normal with just one click.
  • Choose between two different page layouts.
  • Assign indexes to tabs, making it easier to switch around.
  • Similar tools: Tab Shutter, Side Tabs, Page Snooze and FreshStart.

Find Chromie on the Google Chrome Webstore

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