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Since there are many types of colorblindness, colorblind people are often unable to define which colors they are seeing. If you know a colorblind person you might be curious as to how colorblind people see the world, which colors are visible to them and which are not. Chrometric can be employed to find all that out.

how colorblind people see

Chrometric is a free installable application based on Adobe AIR, therefore it is cross platform (you can use it regardless of your operating system). The application works like a web browser. We start with entering a URL in the application and wait for it to load up. When the page loads, we can use built-in links for browsing as well.

To change the color view, we simply click on one of the buttons at the top right. Each button represents a different condition of colorblindness along with the frequency it is found in. For example, the last button indicates Tritanopia, a very rare type of colorblindness that occurs in less than 1% of males and females. To find out which button is which, all we have to do is hover our mouse pointer over the button.

how colorblind people see


  • Adobe AIR application.
  • Provides insight into how colorblind people view the world.
  • Can help us understand our colorblind friends better.
  • Web developers who are catering to a colorblind audience can find out if there are color differences which their audience cannot point out.
  • Web developers interested in Chrometric will also be interested in Colorblind Web Page Filter.

Download Chrometric tool @

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