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screenshot.2I am a huge fan of Firefox. I have been using it for years and love many things about it including but not limited to extendability and stability. I am also a Twitter user and I love trying new tools to make the Twitter user experience more useful.

It is for those two reasons that I tried out the Firefox extension that was then called “Twitterfox”.  It is now called “Echofon” and there has been an article written introducing it Conveniently Twitter While Browsing In Firefox With Echofon's Brilliant Plugin Conveniently Twitter While Browsing In Firefox With Echofon's Brilliant Plugin Read More .  I love it because I get a little memo, while in Firefox, letting me know there is a new tweet so I can check it out, allowing me to easily keep up with the conversation.

A while back I began to also use Google’s browser, known as Google Chrome.  I’ve loved my experience so far with it.  It’s sleek, fast, and easy to use.  One issue I do have with it though is the lack of extensions, comparably at least.  Well, recently I upgraded to a version that allows the installation of extensions.  I then went on a search for some type of extension that would serve as a Twitterfox alternative and finally I came across Chromed Bird.

I would like to share 3 reasons why I think the Twitterfox alternative, Chromed Bird, is worth checking out.


1.  Chromed Bird Keeps You Notified

Some people may view notifications which Chromed Bird offers as distracting.  I actually find myself not distracted but kept abreast.  When I don’t have notifications telling me when someone I am following is tweeting something, I find myself forgetting to check and therefore neglecting the conversation!    Don’t like the intrusion of a notification dropping down?  Tweak the settings!


twitterfox alternative

I think an extension such as Chromed Bird is worth checking out if you like being kept abreast with notifications.

2.  Chromed Bird Makes It Easy To Keep Up With @Replies & DMs

Chromed Bird saves you from having to go to Twitter’s home page or your chosen Twitter client to review the messages meant specifically for you sent via @ replies or direct messages.


All you have to do is click the nifty little birdie icon and you have a view of not only the latest tweets but also a set of tabs.  This drop down window in no way affects your browsing beneath it.  Access is easy and browsing is not interrupted.  I think the ease of access to messages sent to you makes Chromed Bird worth installing.

3.  Chrome Bird Makes Sending Tweets A Piece Of Cake From Within Your Browser

A click of the same birdie also gives you the option to write and send a tweet.  It makes it very easy to not only type a message but also to share a link with several URL shortening services to choose from.

alternative to twitterfox

I personally prefer to use a bookmarklet called “Hootlet” for tweeting links because I can use Hootsuite Hoot! An In-Depth Look At Online Twitter Client - HootSuite Hoot! An In-Depth Look At Online Twitter Client - HootSuite Read More to track links shortened using the shortening service to track click statistics.  That being said, if I just have something quick to tweet, or I’m just responding to an @ reply or DM, Chromed Bird makes life a LOT easier!  This too, I think makes Chromed Bird worth checking out!

What do you think of this Twitterfox alternative?  Do you see browser extensions helpful to your tweeting habits or would you rather just keep your respective Twitter clients?

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  1. David Rogers
    February 10, 2010 at 8:56 am

    I´ll try it, thanks.

  2. brett barner
    January 19, 2010 at 3:26 pm

    I love Chromed Bird. It's a great quick mention checker or tweeter. Good highlight!