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There is some fantastic news for Google Chrome users this week, as the latest version of the browser has just gone live, and is available for download right now. Version 19 of Chrome adds tab syncing built-in to the browser, which is a feature Chrome users have waited for. This new version of Chrome is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome Frame operating systems. No matter what OS you use Chrome on, you will be able to use this awesome new version of the browser.

Tab syncing works perfectly on Chrome. You can sync your tabs across all of your devices. This means you can start browsing the web on your desktop, jump over to your laptop for a while and finish up on your Ice Cream Sandwich compatible Android with the Chrome beta installed. Of course, you will need to be signed in with a Google account for tab syncing to work.

Tab syncing works just like syncing your bookmarks, history, themes, extensions and other important aspects of your browser. As long as you are signed in, you click the other devices button on the new tab page, and you will see your tabs from other computers.

While Chrome 19 is out now, some users may not see the option to tab sync yet. Google says they plan to roll that feature out gradually over the next couple of weeks, so if you are not one of the lucky users that have it already, you could see it any day now.

Along with tab syncing, this update also brings the standard bug fixes and performance upgrades.


Source: TechCrunch

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