Chrome Update Brings Efficient Video Decoding And Better Control Over Privacy [Updates]

00 chrome icon   Chrome Update Brings Efficient Video Decoding And Better Control Over Privacy [Updates]It’s time to update Google Chrome again. The new stable release of Chrome has brought in two significant changes that make browsing more energy efficient both for the laptop and you. In the first change, Google has enabled GPU-accelerated video decoding for Chrome on Windows. So if you are using a laptop with a dedicated graphics chip, you can expect your batteries to last longer on the road.

Google conducted a few tests which showed that the battery lasted 25% longer when GPU-accelerated video decoding was enabled. The reasoning cannot be faulted as dedicated graphics chip draw less power than a burdened CPU.

The other way your browser is changing is in the way you can view and grant permissions to any website that asks for your location, pop-ups, and microphone or webcam access. You don’t have to dive into the settings anymore as Chrome has made them more accessible via the page/lock icon (View Site Information) next to a website’s address in the omnibox. Just click on the icon to see the entire list of permissions for a specific site and allow or disallow them as you wish.

google chrome permissions   Chrome Update Brings Efficient Video Decoding And Better Control Over Privacy [Updates]

You can also send a “do not track” request to websites and web applications now, but as Google says – the effectiveness of such requests is dependent on how websites and services respond, so Google is working with others to find a common way to respond to these requests in the future.

Source: Google Chrome Blog

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Any idea what this means for users running optimus on their laptops? Do we need to allow the GPU in those setting first?

Earl Sunaz

At first I thought this said “control piracy.” My bad.

Still, the video decoding is interesting; although I don’t use a laptop. Does it do anything for dekstop GPUs as well? I mean, desktops never had any problems with videos anyway.

Earl from

Florin Ardelian

Thanks for the heads up, I would have never noticed it otherwise. ????

Jon Smith

Even though Google says this, won’t Google still track you like they are already do?

Chaos Emperor

Why do people want to track other people?

vineed gangadharan

So that companies like google will better understand your interest and will provide you with ads similar!

Chaos Emperor

Oh i see.Thanks for telling that it solve the puzzle on my mind but I HATE ADS!!!

vineed gangadharan

Thanks for the info i upgraded my chrome on desktop as soon as i watched this article :)

Yudono Ra

hmm… now my laptop battery will last a bit longer, when i use google chrome. to watch youtube/online games. yeah


chrome and gpu will make one to video:)