My Chrome Theme: Quickly Create & Share Themes [Chrome]

Google Chrome, like many other modern browsers, supports personalized themes. These comprise of a custom background and custom theme colors. One way to quickly create and share themes for Google Chrome is by using a tool called My Chrome Theme.

chome theme   My Chrome Theme: Quickly Create & Share Themes [Chrome]

You can install the application to start creating and sharing custom Google Chrome themes. You start by selecting a background image for your theme; you can select an image stored on your computer and choose to tile it, stretch it, fit it, or place it anywhere in the window area. The next step is to begin adding colors. You can choose custom colors for the active and background tabs for your theme.

chome theme11   My Chrome Theme: Quickly Create & Share Themes [Chrome]

The final step involves naming your theme and optionally adding a description for it. When your theme is finalized, you can quickly install it or share the theme by sharing the URL provided to you by the app.

chome theme2   My Chrome Theme: Quickly Create & Share Themes [Chrome]


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