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Turn any website into a maze you explore on your computer by tilting your phone. Chrome Maze is an experiment that uses Chrome’s various sync methods to connect the mobile version of Chrome – for Android and iOS – to the desktop version of Chrome – for Windows, Linux or Mac. Once all of that is set up, you can type in any domain and start rolling your ball all over it, tilting your phone to control it.

chrome maze

To get started, head to the site on your PC. From here you’ll find instructions for connecting your phone. This is probably the point of the experiment – teaching people how easy it is to check out tabs on your computer from your phone, using Chrome. Follow the instructions and you’ll be set up in no time.

chrome maze

The gameplay itself is straight-forward, though depending on your phone the controls might be finicky. On your computer’s screen you’ll see a maze (based on any website!) which you can explore by rolling a ball. Control the ball by tilting your phone – you’ll see on-screen indicators if you tilt too much. You can also jump, using a button on the phone’s screen.


It’s not going to win any awards – it’s pretty straightforward. But if nothing else it points out how tab sync works to an unexpecting audience, and for Google that’s probably a good thing – that feature is quite useful.

  • An interesting Chrome experiment.
  • Game on your computer you control with your phone – both using Chrome
  • Turn any website into a maze you can explore
  • Motion-based controls using your phone

Check out Chrome Maze @ (written by Justin Pot of Technophilia Podcast.

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