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Slowly but surely, Google is using the tendrils of its massive library of services to improve Google+ and better integration into other areas of their empire. As of November 3rd, two of the company’s most important products – Chrome and YouTube – have been brought into the fold. Chrome integration has been introduced in the form of two extensions.

One is a notifications utility that will alert you to any new activity on your stream, such as a post by a friend or a response to something you shared. The other is a +1 button that becomes a part of the Chrome interface and lets users +1 any site. Both of these new extensions live in the Chrome toolbar.

YouTube arrives in the form of a slide-out search bar that can be activated by hovering over the YouTube logo now found on the right-hand side of Google+. At this time, typing in a keyword and searching for it automatically causes the most relevant video to play in a pop-up. This feature only appears on your Home page, and disappears everywhere else. You don’t have to do anything to enable the new YouTube search bar.

These features aren’t revolutionary, but they’re useful, particularly Google+ Notifications for Chrome. Next on my wishlist: a mini Google+ client that is a part of the Chrome toolbar.

Source: Slashgear

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