Chrome 17 Offers Pre-Rendered Web Pages, Malware Protection [News]

chrome12 thumb   Chrome 17 Offers Pre Rendered Web Pages, Malware Protection [News]Chrome 17 has just been released, offering pre-rendered web pages and malware protection. If you’re a Google Chrome user (and haven’t blocked automatic updates) you’re now using version 17 of the browser.

As is typical for Chrome, the update doesn’t add any drastic changes, but it does include a few new features. Most noticeable of these is pre-rendering. When you enter a URL into the omnibox and it auto-completes, Chrome will begin to load that site before you press enter. If you’re on a fast connection the page might seem to appear instantly because it has been rendered before you were done typing the URL.

googlechrome17   Chrome 17 Offers Pre Rendered Web Pages, Malware Protection [News]

I’m a Chrome user myself, so I took this feature on a test drive. It works as advertised. Sites will sometimes load instantly. Your connection speed will determine how well this feature works for you.

The other feature added by Chrome 17 is protection from files that contain malware. Whenever you download a file the browser will check it against a list of known bad files. If the file is executable, it also checks to see if the site you’re downloading from is known to host malware. Any suspicious results from these queries will cause a warning to appear.

The idea of Google checking your downloads for malware might cause privacy concerns. If so, the “Under the Hood” section of the browser’s preferences includes the option to disable it.

Source: The Google Chrome Blog

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Is it a ‘

Use a prediction service to help complete searches and URLs typed in the address bar

‘ option? I actually switched it off because of privacy reasons.

M.S. Smith

I’m not too worried about privacy with this feature, but I’m probably being naive. 


Chrome 17? I’m on 19 already!


then youre an assh*le

Mohamed Tair

Thanks Mr Matt Smith For this interesting post,
I Downloaded Yesterday this version of Google Chrome,
Really it’s pretty :p
Thanks again


Chrome has me on 18 and I got so frustrated by its behavior (freezing, locking up, not allowing me to open Task Manager to kill it) when I open more than four or five tabs that I went back to using Opera. Much happier at the moment.

M.S. Smith

Guys, if you’re not on version 17 you’re in beta and don’t know it.

Arslan Esengulov


Gus Oliver Davis

If you download Google Chrome you have kissed your privacy goodbye.


Not from filehippo. I’m just on the dev channel. It’s fairly stable for me.