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If you are working in a distributed team of coders then you will know that the biggest issue is quickly sharing code feedback. It’s easy when the programmer is right in front of you. But if he’s in a different timezone somewhere, you have to rely on tools like Chop. It’s a simple app that lets you put in the code and then mark the errors (with comments) and share it. The person on the other end can add more comments to the same. The URL of the code page stays the same, and you can add more people to the mix. All kinds of codes can be added and you could do it manually or grab them directly from a webpage.

code annotation

code sharing

As you see in the screenshots above, the interface is visually pleasing and adding codes and feedback is easy. Once done you can share the URL and collaborate.


Check out Chop @


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  1. AbuBakar
    June 2, 2011 at 4:14 pm

    will check it out ........... I have not worked in a big team, I am a freelance designer and developer so I was not aware of such app...... I have increased my knowledge though ......