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Are you a fan of online comics? If you are, then surely you will have wanted to make one of those yourself sometime. You might have thought that the work seems simple enough and tried to create the comic in a native app such as Paint. But as you began you drew, you realized the in addition to having the right sized panels, there were all sorts of things in a comic that Paint was simply not suitable for.

If you are really interested in making comics and then sharing them with others, you should check out the web service called Chogger.

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Chogger is a free to use web service that helps its users create comics and then publish them online. The site does not ask you to sign up for any new accounts – you can start drawing comics right away. You start by selecting the type of panels you want from a list of options. After the selection of your template, more panels can always be added if you need them.


In the comic creation interface, you will find tools to search images on Google and add them to your comics, upload an image to your comic, take a photo from your webcam, or simply begin drawing the comic – a combination of these tools can yield just the comic you want to make.


Chogger: A Web Service That Helps You Easily Create Comics Chogger2

Caption boxes are also provided to you for easily added dialogue between the characters in your comic.

Chogger: A Web Service That Helps You Easily Create Comics Chogger3

When your comic is completed, you can publish it on the site. By right-clicking on the comic and using your browser’s “Save Image” and “Copy Image Link” options, you can share the image in the JPG format or through its direct image URL. Remember that in addition to voting your comic up or down and commenting on your comic page, site visitors can mark your comic as repulsive, abusive, sexual, or spam.


  • A user friendly web service.
  • Lets you create comics with ease.
  • Offers various panel options.
  • Lets you draw as well as search and upload images to comics.
  • Publishes comics online in JPG format.
  • Similar: Storyboard That and RageMaker.

Check out Chogger @

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