Chocomize: Create & Order Customized Chocolate Bar

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Imagine the perfect chocolate bar. Of course the “perfect chocolate bar” will vary from person to person because everybody has unique tastes. Recognizing this, a company set out on a deliciously brilliant mission; the result was a wonderful website entitled Chocomize.

Chocomize, put simply, lets you create your own customized chocolate bars . It lets you start by selecting the chocolate layer: dark, milk, or white. The next step is to select what toppings you want on your bar. These include nuts, fruits, herbs & spices, candy, decorations, and other toppings.

Choose   Chocomize: Create & Order Customized Chocolate Bar

clip image0044   Chocomize: Create & Order Customized Chocolate Bar

To view the details of any item, simply click on its thumbnail and a floating window will appear describing the item.

clip image0063   Chocomize: Create & Order Customized Chocolate Bar

A pane to the right will keep on updating as you make your choices.

clip image008   Chocomize: Create & Order Customized Chocolate Bar

When you are done customizing your chocolate bar, you can clcik on the “Add to Cart” button and proceed to checkout. You then enter the number of bars you plan on ordering, and use your credit card for the payment.

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  • A wonderful business idea.
  • Lets you create and order custom chocolate bars.
  • Offers a variety of ingredients including nuts, fruits, herbs, and spices.
  • Offers different decorations for your chocolates.
  • Similar tool: Createmychocolate.

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