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Do you use Google Talk a lot? Did you know that you can actually use it for tweeting as well? is a GTalk Twitter bot that you can use to control your Twitter account from your Google Talk client, in Gmail or in the desktop application.

With it, you can post tweets, receive timeline updates, retweet a user’s last post, direct message someone, follow or unfollow, and many more. All of the basic things that you do in Twitter are incorporated into this IM client, making it a simple but handy command-based tweeting platform.

gtalk twitter bot

To use it, first you need to log in using your Google account on the homepage. Then authorize to gain access to your Twitter account. Upon logging into Google Talk, you need to accept the contact request of After that, type /h to the chat window to get a list of all the commands that you have to know in order to make use of it.

As of writing this, this bot’s functionality of acquiring your Twitter timeline doesn’t seem to work. However, the other commands worked just fine. The bot is a really useful app for regular Google Talk users who also maintain their own Twitter account, since it’s very convenient and you do not have to bother launching the social networking site in your browser.


  • Use Twitter on Google Talk chat clients.
  • Toggle timeline updates (doesn’t work as of writing this).
  • Retweet a user’s last post.
  • Post tweets from Google Talk chat client.
  • Follow/unfollow someone.
  • Direct message a tweep.
  • Free, no signup is required.

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