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If your kid is under the age of 13 and wants to use the photo sharing app, Snapchat, well starting this week with the recent update of the popular iPhone app, he or she can. But there’s a catch. In the new iOS version, kids under the age of 13 will be able to use the app but not actually send photos.

Snapchat is an iPhone and Android app that allows users to send photos to others using the app. Sent photos can be viewed by recipients for a specified amount of time, like 5 seconds, and then it disappears. The app makes it very difficult, but not totally impossible to copy and resend a sent photo.

In the previous version of Snapchat, the app included “age-gating,” which kept a registrant who indicated he or she was under the age of 13 from registering an account. But now in the new version, underage children can register an account, but the account is not actually sent or setup on Snapchat. Instead, the child user will be using the “SnapKidz” version of the app that includes all the app’s features for snapping photos, adding captions, drawings, and saving them to the device’s Camera Roll.

The SnapKidz version will not allow users to send or receive photos or even add friends to the app, as regular users can. The idea is to allow kids to use the attractive fun features of the app without exposing their photos to others.

The update is currently available for the iOS version of the app. If everything goes well, Snapchat said the SnapKidz feature will soon be included in an upcoming Android update.


Source: Snapchat Blog

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