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The secret to playing great chess is starting early. All the great chess players started playing at an early age. The consensus is: the earlier, the better. If you are a parent whose child is showing an interest in chess, ChessKid is the best resource to teach chess to your son or daughter.

teach chess to kids

ChessKid is a free to use website that lets parents and coaches enter their children or student into quick friendly games. The site is primarily aimed at children up to 13 years old but even adult amateur chess players can benefit from what ChessKid has to offer.

We can sign up for an account and play blitz chess, regular chess games, tactics and puzzles, and tournaments. The site also has many tutorials and video lessons which provide great learning material.

ChessKid gives the parent total control over the child’s account; this way a safer online environment for children is created.

teach chess to kids


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