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Chegg is the biggest online book renting service on the Internet that used by students from over 1000 universities in US and has more than 1 million book titles. The site aims to save college students money on textbooks.

online book renting

Using Chegg coolege students can rent a textbook for a fraction of the purchase price. In most cases the the rental price is 65-85% lower than the list price. When your semester is over and you need to return the book simply print out a UPS prepaid shipping label through the site, tape it on the box and send it to Chegg.

For every book you rent they plant a tree. You can also buy from, sell and rent books to Chegg either for cash or store credit .

How it works:

  1. Search by ISBN, title or author of the book
  2. Rent it.
  3. Receive it in a prepaid shipping box.
  4. Return the book when your semester ends, or extend it.


  • Rent books online and save money.
  • Free return shipping.
  • Fast delivery: 3-7 days for Priority Shipping, 7-10 days for Standard Shipping.
  • For every book you rent, buy or sell – a tree is planted by Chegg.
  • Extend rented book after your semester is over.
  • Available only in US.
  • Also see another book service called BookMooch that lets you exchange books with others.

Check out Chegg @

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