Cheese Tower: Don’t Let The Cheese Fall Over In This Great Puzzle Game! [Android]

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cheese tower gameThere are plenty of puzzle games out there for Android devices, and not without reason. They’re simply fun, as it gives you a great feeling whenever you figure a puzzle out. However, after playing a puzzle game for a while, you tend to get bored of it because it’s still the same despite increasing difficulty. So it’s a good idea to have a variety of puzzle games in hand to keep it interesting, and I have a great addition that I would recommend to your mobile puzzle game assortment.

About the Cheese Tower Game

Cheese Tower is a puzzle game for Android devices in which you play something like Jenga, except not quite as complex. In each level, you’re confronted with a tower made up of cheese and mouse blocks. The idea of the Cheese Tower game is to remove all the mouse blocks without letting any of the cheese blocks fall off the sides of the table on which the tower stands. As long as less than 3 cheese blocks fall off the table, you pass the level and move on.

Getting Started

cheese tower game
Starting the game is pretty straightforward. After it is installed, you’ll tap on “Play” at the title screen, then tap on the TV. The game tells you that you can switch between different themes by swiping to the left or right on the TV, and then tapping it to select one, but for now you only have one unlocked. After choosing a theme, select Level 1.

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As mentioned above, the goal of each level is to save all the cheese while tapping away all the mice. There are a lot of different strategies you can use to increase your chances for success, but here’s one that I can share with you: somewhat frequently, it may be advantageous to tap on multiple mice in a short amount of time, so that the cheese will fall as uniformly as possible. Otherwise, if you tap on one mouse and wait for the cheese to settle, you’ll have the entire group toppling over to the side where you tapped on the mouse, sending it all over the table. If you’re new to the game, it may take a few tries to get enough feel for this technique.


To install Cheese Tower, you simply need to search the Google Play Store for “cheese tower” and hit Install. Alternatively, you may also follow this link on your Android mobile device or your desktop. Following the link on your Android device should send you to the correct entry in the Google Play Store, while with your desktop you can click on “Install” and choose the device(s) you’d like the game to be on. The installation should initiate by itself on the selected device(s).¬†It should be completely free to install.


cheese tower game
While the concept of the Cheese Tower game isn’t entirely unique, I do enjoy the¬†aesthetics¬†and simple theme of the game. I also think its the best game out there for this type of puzzle. The only real “complaint” that I have about the game is that the navigation is very similar to Angry Birds, as the screen after completing each level is very similar, and buttons to view other levels or to restart the current level are almost identical. However, for some people that may actually be a good thing because it’ll be familiar to them and therefore make the game easier to use.

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Do you think Cheese Tower is a good puzzle game? What features make a puzzle game stand out? Let us know in the comments!

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Is there any reason you constantly review old applications that have already been reviewed dozens of times? I’m sure such an educated crowd here already knows and had known about these for a long time now. I mean seriously… FRUIT NINJA, root explorer, draw something, tomyboy!? Time to freshen that content up bud.


Alan Wade

Simple but addictive! Got the wife on it at the moment (should keep her quiet for a while).

Danny Stieben

Glad I could help out! :P Cheese Tower was actually a game that I hadn’t heard about until just recently. Not sure if that means I’m “behind the times.”


salim benhouhou

thank you Danny just installed it .


Ramandeep Singh

Thanks for introducing this to me. I love the music. But it’s a bit hard game. Even in kid mode there seems no way to save all the cheese.

Danny Stieben

I agree, it gets difficult pretty quickly. At least there’s a challenge! Some games are easy the entire way through.

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