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cell phone barcode scanIf you’ve been following the recent articles I’ve written here, you should be used to checking into places with your phone by now. In fact, you should already be familiar with services like Foursquare Check In & Become Mayor of Your Favorite Venues With Foursquare Check In & Become Mayor of Your Favorite Venues With Foursquare Read More and Gowalla 5 Best Location-Based Alternatives to Foursquare 5 Best Location-Based Alternatives to Foursquare Read More – and up-and-comers like Glympse Glympse - A Safe & Simple Way to Share Your Location With Your Mobile Device Glympse - A Safe & Simple Way to Share Your Location With Your Mobile Device Read More . You should also be an expert at finding bars and drink specials by now. You might even know how to check into your favorite movies and TV shows with GetGlue Discover New Favorites in Entertainment With GetGlue Discover New Favorites in Entertainment With GetGlue Read More , if you’ve been paying attention.

Next up on my list is a service called CheckPoints. The premise is very simple, you check in whenever you visit a store and scan the items you purchase to build up points and gain rewards. It takes very minimal effort and can actually be quite fun.

Checking In Is So 2011

I’m a big believer that 2011 is the year that mobile tech is going to blow up. With all the tablet PCs being unveiled at CES, news of Verizon getting the iPhone, and all the Android devices Google has planned for this year, people are going to be more mobile than ever.

What does this mean for you? Apps. Developers will be coming out with a lot of great apps this year and, I believe, a good majority of them are going to utilize GPS capabilities. As more and more people become accustomed to checking in at places, more and more businesses will start cutting deals and utilizing these features.


CheckPoints is a perfect example of this. It offers a fun and easy way to collect rewards at places. Whether you’re at the grocery store, bookstore, or pharmacy you can check in and win cool stuff.

What Is CheckPoints?

To get started using CheckPoints, just download the app for your iPhone or Android mobile device. Then, open up the app whenever you’re shopping and just tap on the item you want to scan, aim your phone’s camera at the barcode, and you’re done. Each time you scan a featured product you’ll earn points and coins to use in the bonus play area.

CheckPoints can be used in literally over a million stores to scan featured products with your phone. Rewards you can win include gift cards, airline miles, gadgets, and even donations to charity.

Every time you scan an item you can also collect bonus points by playing games and instantly winning. This is also a way for users to take advantage of CheckPoints opportunities if you are using, say, an iPod or iPad rather than a phone.

Also, you can use the Change Aisle button if you just want to see which items are nearest you in the store that you’re in.

Here’s a very informative YouTube video of exactly how CheckPoints works:

Where can I get CheckPoints?

CheckPoints is currently available for the iPhone and Android devices. For iPhone (or iTouch/iPad), just head over to the App Store and download the app. For Android, you can scan the QR Code below using the cell phone barcode scan scanning app (which you’ll use for CheckPoints too) on your phone.

I think having the ability to scan any item you come across in a store is a big benefit to users with smart phones, and we’re going to start seeing a lot more creative uses for these types of technologies.

What do you think of CheckPoints?

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