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There are several things (interest, minimum  balance, online banking… etc ) that you have to consider when choosing a bank for your next checking account. CheckingFinder is a free web service that will help you decide by giving you a comparison table of different banks and their services so that you can open your free high-interest checking account right away.

compare bank checking accounts

To compare bank checking accounts, click the Compare & Open button on the CheckingFinder web site. Enter your zip code to determine which institutions you are eligible to open an account with. In the list of banks, you can click the How do I qualify? link to view the qualifications needed for a particular bank or click the Open button to see the requirements for opening an account. On that page, you can find important information about the account and a quick form if you want to open your account instantly. Unfortunately, CheckingFinder only provides information from U.S. banks.

CheckingFinder helps you find bank accounts that offer high interest, no minimum balance, and nationwide ATM fee refunds. Looking for the right bank that suits your preferences and instantly opening an account has never been this easy.


  • Compares perks between community banking institutions.
  • Helps you find free checking accounts from banks with high interest rates, no minimum balance, ATM fee refunds, etc.
  • Helps you open an account immediately.
  • Available to U.S. only.
  • Similar Tools: Bankfox, MyBankTracker, QuickenBeam.

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