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If you look for discounts and special deals online, then you are already familiar with the flaws in websites that provide you with news of such deals. Here to offer a better method than the traditional one is a website called Checkin Cashin.


Checkin Cashin is a user-friendly web service that helps people discover discounts and special deals. There are a lot of online services that provide you with discount coupons from various companies. To find discounts, you would normally take time out of your schedule to first log onto these websites; then you would use the company and / or the items category filters in order to view relevant deals. If you like a deal, you proceed to use it but sometimes you discover in the subsequent steps that the deal is not available in your area. As a result, all of the time spent on finding the deal is wasted.

Fortunately, Checkin Cashin has none of these issues and this website delivers deals to you rather than have you manually search for them. You start using the website by logging into it through your Foursquare account. The website then keeps an eye on the places you have visited through your Foursquare records. You are then sent a weekly email that includes deals which are available in the areas you have visited.


This simple procedure ensures that you are shown deals that can be made use of. Moreover, you do not need to spend any extra time manually searching for deals.


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