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best twitter app for iphoneTwitter is huge. You cannot watch a commercial or Presidential debate without someone mentioning Twitter. Of course, Twitter is built into iOS and it seems like almost anything you do on the device can be tweeted to the world. Of course, with all that extra stuff in the Twitter universe, there is still the Twitter app.

All too often the official Twitter app is lost in a sea of third-party tweeting solutions. Its updates and new features come and go, and everyone is more focused on how these new features change Twitter as a whole, and they forget that their iPhone app is actually quite fantastic. We feature it on our Best of iPhone apps page for a reason. It has all the amazing features that you see in many of the third-party solutions, and it is available for free.

If you have moved on from the official Twitter app, you might want to take another look at it, as it has come a long way as of late.

Composing a Tweet

Composing a tweet is easy with the official Twitter app. The button to compose a tweet is on the top right of the screen. The compose tweet screen also lets you add photos, locations, mentions and hash tags. It has a character counter, so you will know when you are approaching your 140 character limit.

best twitter app for iphone

You can also compose a tweet by replying to a tweet directly from your timeline. You swipe over a tweet and click the reply button, and the compose screen will pop open with the person’s name automatically added to the tweet.



Speaking of the timeline, this app has everything you need to make reading tweets on your iPhone comfortable and easy. You can get access to your timeline via the Home section, which is where the app opens by default. It has a pull to refresh feature, so you can see the latest tweets easily.

best iphone twitter app

You can tap on any tweet in your timeline to get more options. From here you can reply, retweet, and favorite a tweet with the appropriate button. You can also tap the three dots to see more options. These change depending on the content of the tweet, which makes finding what you want quick and easy.


best iphone twitter app

The connect section is where you view your mentions and other interactions with your fellow tweeters. Besides your mentions, this screen will also keep you posted on your new followers. This is useful for businesses who want to thank new followers for joining them. I have seen a quite a few other twitter apps that do not have this feature, so it is nice to see it here.


best iphone twitter app

Discover is where you come to dig deeper into the world of Twitter. The Activity section shows you some cool things going on with your Twitter friends such as people they followed and tweets they added to favorites. This helps you find some new and interesting people to follow based on what your friends enjoy.

twitter iphone app

You will also see some of the latest news that might interest you. For me, it shows some video game news, a story on the television show the Big Bang Theory and some UFC news. All of these are right up my alley, so it seems to do a good job of picking stories.

twitter iphone app

The trends section is where you will find the trending topics. On this screen you can get a good feel for what the Twitter universe is buzzing about as a whole. Expect to see plenty of hash tags and other topics of interest.

twitter iphone app

The last section is called Who to follow. On here you can find people Twitter recommends based on categories. This is a great way to find some new and interesting people to add to your timeline. You can also use the Find Friends option to have the app scan your contact list and find people you already know.


This is the section you come to see your Twitter profile. You can see your profile picture, your description, and more. This screen is also where you find your direct messages, who is following and who follows you. The latest version of the app also has support for header photos, which was added in a recent update.

best twitter app for iphone

The Me section is also where you manage the settings for the Twitter app. You can add multiple accounts, change the image and video service, font size and so much more from the settings screen.

Final Verdict

The Twitter for iPhone app is fantastic. It has tons of features, and while it may be lacking some of the hardcore options that third-party apps have, many Twitter users will not miss these. If you are a Twitter power-user, you might want to stick with your alternate app of choice, but most Twitter users should find this app does everything they need in a slick, easy to use package. It even has full support for the iPhone 5!

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