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neverwinter sitesIt’s been about a week since I first downloaded and started playing Neverwinter (not to be confused with Neverwinter Nights), and I’m very happy that I made the decision. For a while, I’ve been looking for an interesting new MMO and Neverwinter sounded like everything I could want. It’s a free game, the visuals are great, the class and combat systems seems interesting compared to similar games, and it’s growing at an alarming rate.

Before you hit that launcher and jump right into playing though, you should be careful. Do you know that feeling when you start playing a new game and realize that, 12 hours in, you’ve made an irreversible mistake that is going to hinder the quality of your character forever? It’s not fun to be at a competitive disadvantage or experience this, so I want to show you how to avoid it when getting started with Neverwinter. In this post, I’ve got five links that you’ll want to check out before you get too deep into the game.

Official Neverwinter Wiki Site

This one is a bit of a no-brainer.

neverwinter sites

The Neverwinter Wiki is something that I spent an hour or two looking over and studying before I even finished downloading the game. My recommendation is that you read all of the major parts of this wiki and familiarize yourself with the mechanics and core elements of the game. Learn the roles of each of the classes, read about racial traits, get familiar with the combat system, learn the advantages of companions, read up on professions, and so on.

The wiki is laid out very nicely and seems to be the biggest database of more technical information for Neverwinter on the web. You can plan out your entire character just by looking through the pages and tables.

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neverwinter website

The Neverwinter Wiki deserves a spot on your bookmarks bar if you’re going to play regularly. The information found here is extremely valuable and will make your gameplay experience smoother than ever. It’s practically a necessity.

Beginner Tips & Tricks For Neverwinter

This is just a personal blog post from a Neverwinter player trying to help out newbies.

neverwinter website

The tips here are very, very useful, and if you follow them closely you should be ahead of any other player who jumps right into the game blindly. Some key points listed are to reroll your character’s Ability Scores until you cap out, participate in daily events for Astral Diamonds, and craft as much as possible.

A lot of the information in this blog post is very basic, and it’s something that you can read over once and keep in the back of your mind.

Master List Of Class Builds

I’ve made posts here at MUO on League of Legends guides and Path of Exile builds. In those games, reading about the strategies of other experienced players is one of the best ways to learn and adapt, and it remains just as true in Neverwinter.

neverwinter website

There are currently no dedicated websites out there for Neverwinter builds or guides. There are, however, a ton of helpful people on their official forums. The forum post linked here offers a list (complete with links) of some of the most viewed and respected guides on the Neverwinter forums. Each guide is laid out in text, and sometimes images, and helps detail the philosophy and gameplay behind certain types of builds per class.

If nothing else, these guides are a great way to see what kind of unique builds and play styles are possible with Neverwinter.

Advanced Combat Tips

Let’s be realistic. You won’t be playing Neverwinter for the interesting lore or to make new friends. People play Neverwinter, and most MMOs in general, for exciting PvE and PvP. Neverwinter’s combat system definitely contributes to that.

neverwinter resource

In Neverwinter, each class approaches combat very differently. Each has its own gameplay quirks, it’s not that simple.

This forum post really breaks down the combat system in Neverwinter and lets you know what to expect out of each class. If you intend to have an enjoyable experience in the game, since you’ll definitely be spamming those mouse buttons to kill things quite often, you should give this a read.

Companion Info

Unlike in many other MMOs where pets are just a cosmetic feature, the companions of Neverwinter are actually a very important part of the gameplay.

neverwinter sites

The forum post linked here elaborates on companions in great detail. It’ll tell you how to get one, why companions are worth the effort of acquiring, and it lists all of the possible companions you can get in Neverwinter.

The post comes with a few screenshots and has managed to convince me that I need to rush to level 16 to get my first one. Make sure you check it out.

Finding a quality, free MMO isn’t as easy as it once was. MMOs are dominated by subscription models and cash shops that completely ruin the spirit of the game, but not Neverwinter. It’s a great game that anyone can play, and I really recommend that you look into it if you haven’t yet.

Make sure you familiarize yourself with all of the basic information and get started. If you have any questions or just want to talk about the game, drop me a comment below!

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