Check Now to See Which of Your Apps Won’t Work on iOS 11
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September is near, which means that a new version of iOS is on the horizon. We’ve rounded up the biggest new features coming to your iPhone in iOS 11, but there’s an important bit to note too: with the 64-bit-only iOS 11, old 32-bit apps won’t work any longer.

In the current iOS 10, you may have already seen a warning that certain apps may slow down your system. That was a gentle push, but in iOS 11, they flat-out won’t run unless the developer updates them to comply with new standards.

Thankfully, you can check and see which of your apps are affected.

Head to Settings > General > About > Applications. You’ll see an App Compatibility page that shows any apps on your phone that won’t work on iOS 11 in their current state. If you don’t see any apps here, fantastic! You don’t have anything to worry about for iOS 11. However, there’s a good chance that at least a few apps won’t be 64-bit ready.

Make sure to open the App Store and check the Updates tab for any new versions of installed apps. As iOS 11 gets closer, active developers should publish updates for compatibility. If you open an app’s page on the App Store and scroll down, you can tap Developer Website to visit their page and find the dev’s contact information. You could politely ask them if they’re planning to update their app for iOS 11.

Apps that haven’t seen updates in years are likely abandoned and won’t see an update for iOS 11. Such is the nature of app development, unfortunately. While you’re still using iOS 10, check out the most important settings you should change.

How many of your installed apps aren’t ready for iOS 11? Which ones were you surprised to see listed as incompatible? Tell us down in the comments!

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