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Did you buy something on Amazon but could not make the $25 mark for free shipping? If so, then you can use CheapFiller to find items to fill the gap and reach the $25 mark.

find filler items on amazon

CheapFiller is a free to use website that searches items on Amazon according to the price and categories that you specify. You start by entering the amount of money required to reach the $25 mark. You can then optionally specify item categories to search in. The results are shown with items closest to your specified amount on top.

find items on amazon to get free shipping


Clicking on a result takes you directly to its Amazon page.


Key Features:

  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you find items of a specific price on Amazon.
  • Lets you specify items’ categories.
  • Helps reach the $25 mark on Amazon.
  • Similar tools:  SuperFiller and Filleritemfinder.

Check out CheapFiller @


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