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Another week of app sales follows another iOS update, with iOS 8.0.2 hopefully fixing the problems caused by Apple’s botched update earlier this week.

If you’re looking for apps for your new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, or you just fancy a bargain – you’re in the right place. This week’s offers include music apps for a dollar from developer Yonac, a free 2K racer and a Warhammer hack-and-slash from Games Workshop.


Developer Sale: Yonac Music Apps $0.99 each

Yonac is celebrating six years of iOS music apps by reducing everything to 99 cents. Their impressive array of apps include synthesizer Magellan and Magellan Jr (for the iPad and iPhone respectively) and recently launched signal processor for guitarists, ToneStack.

Also included in the offer is professional organ sim Galileo Organ, AirVox which lets you use your hands to control music, pint-sized synthesizer miniSynth PRO and chromatic tuner Pitchbot (among others).


2K DRIVE ($6.99, now free)

2K DRIVE is an ambitious mobile racing title featuring a variety of licensed cars, real-world locations and ambitious challenges that have you racing helicopters and drifting like a loon. One of the game’s biggest draws are the visuals, which – despite being a bit lifeless compared to console titles – feature some impressive reflections and particle effects. With fleshed-out multiplayer options both locally and online, there’s plenty here to keep you coming back for more.

Warhammer Quest ($4.99, now free)

The first Warhammer game to arrive on iOS, Warhammer Quest is a hack and slash adventure that has you trawling dungeons in search of glory. Despite being an arcadey, real-time affair the game is true to the tabletop franchise and features iCloud support for playing across devices, six additional heroes and two expansion packs available for a total of 40+ hours gameplay.


European War 4: Napoleon ($0.99, now free)

If you’ve ever played risk or are a fan of turn-based strategy games in general, the European War franchise might just be up your alley. The game features six war zones and 84 campaigns spanning a variety of scenarios and a networked multiplayer mode. There’s lots of depth here with varied units to master and skills to unlock – currently for free.

Hellraid: The Escape ($2.99, now $0.99)

While the world waits for Hellraid to be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows; the license has been extended to Shortbreak Studios for this visually stunning mobile action-adventure. The game features challenging puzzles, an open world element of exploration and cunning enemies who take more than brute force to defeat. The game has received an overwhelmingly positive reception, and it should scratch your Hellraid itch until the game lands next year.

Bioshock ($14.99, now $10.99)

It’s Bioshock, but on your tablet or smartphone! Arguably one of the prettiest, most hyped and at times polarising games of its generation; the RPG action-adventure is well worth a play if you’ve missed out thus far. If you’re the sort of person who enjoys playing everything on your iPad or iPhone then this version might please you for a little more than $10, but I’d still rather play it on a PC or console myself.

That’s all the best offers for another week – don’t forget to check back next weekend!

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  1. Howard B
    September 28, 2014 at 4:53 am you're dropping Windows Phone support, but still no "app deals for Android." What gives? Kinja Deals has app deals for Android 5 days a week...and Amazon gives away a premium app 7 days a week!