Chatzy: Create Private Chat Rooms & Chat Online

Chatzy gives you an easy way to setup chat rooms online. Using Chatzy you can quickly create private chat rooms and invite others to join by email. Just like the earlier profiled Chatmaker .

Chatzy also gives an option to setup a more advanced chat room that offers additional features like password protection, admin controls etc.

chatzy1   Chatzy: Create Private Chat Rooms & Chat Online

The process is simple, click the type of the room you want to create and then send out email invitations to as many people as you like. Wait for others to join your room.


  • Instantly create private chat rooms and chat with anyone.
  • Create virtual chat rooms with more features (password protection, etc.)
  • Use Chatzy virtual chat room as a free chat solution for your website.
  • Create as many rooms as you like.
  • Registration is not required, though registered members have more priviledges.

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hi :)






What’s happened to chatzy???


what’s happened to chatzy? that is the best one out there i have ever found. when will it be working again


chatzy is down again?? what’s going on


hello eveyone :D!!