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When you have a website, especially one in which you are selling something or providing a service, communication is the key to happy and satisfied visitors.  Email is all well and good but it is rather impersonal. What visitors really want is to be able to connect to a living breathing human being who can deal with their questions, complaints and concerns in real-time.  That is where Chatwing comes in.

communicate with visitors

All you need to do is sign up for a free account, insert the URL of the site where Chatwing will appear, and you will then be given HTML code to embed the chat box on your site. One of the drawbacks which will become apparent right away though is that you are unable to change the background colour, as well as the text colour and size.  So integrating Chatwing into the overall design aesthetic of your site could be potentially difficult.

Other features include filtering profane language, users being able to flag other users, spam protection, and the potential to earn up to 75% of all revenue from ads which will appear on your Chatwing box.


  • Free real-time communication tool which you can embed on your website
  • Profane language filter
  • Flag objectionable users
  • Spam protection
  • Earn revenue from adverts appearing on your Chatwing box.

Check out Chatwing @


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