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Group messaging service where you can organize contacts into groups (family, friends, work etc.) and use them to send group messages from pretty much everywhere. It can be from your instant messenger window, by email or mobile SMS, whatever is more convenient. The other cool thing about Chatterous is that it allows you to use existing IM and email accounts. Plus group members don’t have to be registered users and can always reply to your message right from the device they are currently on (email, chat windows or mobile phone).



  • Send group messages from instant messenger, email or mobile phone.
  • Add contacts and create as many groups as you need.
  • Manage and edit groups online.
  • Group members are free to opt out from the froup at any time.
  • IM support: At the moment Chatterous supports only GTalk.
  • Coming soon: MSN, AIM and support for other instant messaging networks.
  • Mobile Support: Works with US carriers only (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, Virgin and Alltel).
  • It’s free

Check out Chatterous @ [ ]

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