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Interaction with their site’s visitors helps webmasters figure out which parts of the site please or displease the audience. While comments and feedback forms are effective, they are relatively slow when compared to live chatting. To add a live chatt feature to your site check out ChatBadge.

add live chat to your site

ChatBadge is a web tool that is currently in beta; people who sign up for the beta can use the tool for free forever.

In its own words, “ChatBadge is a user friendly, live chat tool that increases online sales and improves customer service”.  How the site works is really very simple: you sign up for an account during which you provide your name, email address, and site URL. Next you edit the badge that visitors will click in order to begin chatting. For this badge you need to modify the dimensions, text, font style, and colors.

You can use the “˜update’ button to refresh the badge image and preview any changes you make. The final step is to paste the generated HTML code into your own website. That is all. Your visitors will now be able to view the badge and chat with you live.

add a chat to your website

how to add a live chat to your website


Check out ChatBadge @

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