Chat For Google: Chat With Your Gmail & Google+ Contacts From Anywhere

Google Chat is awesome, but if you close your Gmail window it also disappears. Chat For Google is an official extension from Google that fixes that by giving you a chat box irrespective of the website you are browsing. It lets you chat with your Gmail and Google+ contacts quickly and easily without actually going to a Google site.

You can also start a hangout or a video chat right from the chat box, or invite somebody for chat. You can set it to sign in as soon as your browser starts and appear as an icon in your icon tray. Most of the features available in a regular Gmail chat are also included with this extension.

chat   Chat For Google: Chat With Your Gmail & Google+ Contacts From Anywhere


  • Chat window stays on top even if you browse to other websites.
  • Easily start a hangout or a video chat.
  • No plugins to download.

Get Chat For Google from Chrome Webstore

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No plugins to download… Wait, what?!

(Extension is a plugin too.)


Thank you for letting me know.
I will share your articles with my friends.
You guys are great.




when im on the hangout on gmail my chat box goes, why?



I recommend asking this question on MakeUseOf Answers. In order to help you, we will also need a bit more information, e.g. what browser are you using and what chat box do you mean.