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website visitor chatIntegrate online chat on your website and start a conversation with your readers. Maybe you want to help people visiting your site by answering basic questions, or maybe you want to turn visitors to your site into customers? Either way, HelpDen gives you a direct way to talk with people visiting your website.

A good website gives plenty of information, but sometimes all the quality copy in the world can’t solve people’s problems. That’s when chat comes in. People like the feeling of connecting with an actual human being. It lets them cut through the clutter and ask the precise question they’re thinking about. Combine the right software with a good chat strategy and you can offer something other websites can’t.

How It Works

If a process isn’t simple people will never use it. This applies to chat as much as anything else on the web. HelpDen, I think, is simple enough that people will use it.

To begin with, we have a light bulb:

website visitor chat

The bulb is lit when you’re online; when it’s not lit they can send you an email. The user clicks the bulb and is asked for a bit of information:


chat with website visitors

Once they fill this information out they can start talking to you, if you’re online. The chat interface is simple and easy to use:

chat with website visitors

How helpful this is to your site’s visitors is, of course, determined by how helpful you are. Answer questions well and point people in the right direction and you might be able to make them happy. Or, if your goal is to sell your goods and services, help recommend the things they’re looking for.

The Backend

So now you know what the customer sees, what do you see? The HelpDen backend is simple but effective. The dashboard contains your current chat; there is no limit to how many people can talk to you at once (except for how many you can keep up with, of course).

You’ll see a chat interface similar to the one above, but with more options for sending messages:

chat with website visitors

As you can see it’s possible to send standard messages and to send files. You can manage both the standard messages and the files in this interface. Here is the file uploader:

chat with website visitors free

There doesn’t seem to be any limits to file size; I uploaded a 10MB file without any problems.

Every bit of text this service outputs to users at various points can be changed; this allows you to customize the experience for your users quite a bit:

chat with website visitors free

Exploring the options is easy to do, so check them out. You can tweak things quite a bit.

HelpDen keeps track of the people who visit your site, and whether they want to hear from you more in the future. Head to the Leads section to see a list of everyone you’ve chatted with:

chat with website visitors free

Follow-up with people. It just might end up bringing you business or solidifying your reader base.

Installing Help Den

Adding HelpDen to your website is easy. You can easily find find HelpDen addons for WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, so you’re set if you use any of those content management systems for your website. I myself prefer WordPress – adding chat to a WordPress site was simple.

website visitor chat

Alternatively you can use the embed code to put the button wherever you like. This means you can use HelpDen on any website, whether you use a CMS or not. Even if you use a CMS you might want to use this code in order to place the bulb precisely where you want it.


You can use HelpDen for free, but there are some limits to the free version. You cannot brand your chat window, for example, and you can only have one person logged into chat responding to peoples questions at a time. Check the HelpDen pricing sheet if you want more.


This isn’t the only chat tool you can integrate into your website. We have  previously profiled Zopim, which lets you live chat with your website visitors Chat Live With Your Website Visitors Using Zopim Chat Live With Your Website Visitors Using Zopim Read More . HelpDen, however, seems uniquely focused on the needs of businesses. The ability to track potential leads is a big deal, as is being able to offer files.

But I’m sure you guys have some input to offer. What do you think of HelpDen? Will you be using it on your site? If not, what will you use? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Starrje
    August 31, 2011 at 1:26 am

    I like it.  Simple and useful.  The way everything should be.

  2. GL
    August 29, 2011 at 9:13 am

    Helpden seems to be offline - I've only just added it to my site :(

    • jhpot
      August 29, 2011 at 1:06 pm

      Here's hoping this is a temporary hiccup; I was planning on using it quite a bit. 

  3. Wamiq Ali
    August 28, 2011 at 4:21 am

    NIcE :)