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ChartGizmo lets you turn some stats into appealing charts and graphs that can be easily added to your blog or website. Quite useful for those who need to visualize some financial, scientific or any other type of data. Create pie charts, bar graphs, line charts, etc. You can customize the charts to your liking by changing its size, add your own title, change background color, show or hide legends and so on.

ChartGizmo - Add Charts to your Blog or Webpage

ChartGizmo also allows you to import data from an external source. If you got the data is on some spreadsheet (i.e. Excel) file and don’t want to enter it manually there is an option to import it. Quick and simple.


  • Create embeddable charts for your blog or a webpage.
  • Create as many charts as you like.
  • Available chart types : Pie, Bar, and Line.
  • Customize charts : size, add title, background color, show or hide legends ect… .
  • Import data from local Excel file.

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