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Imagine you have a test website running. Instead of sending your friend a link and waiting for their feedback, wouldn’t it be convenient to browse the site together? In this case and in many others, browsing a website simultaneously with your friends can bridge communication gaps and quickly let you point out a site’s interesting aspects to each other. Such simultaneous web browsing can be done by using ChannelME.

browse the web with friends

ChannelME is a free to use web service that lets you and your friends simultaneously browse a particular website. You start by providing ChannelME with a website URL. A virtual browsing room for you and your friends will then be created. You can share the URL of this room with your friends who, upon visiting the URL, will be required to enter a nickname. These nicknames are used to chat with your friends while viewing the webpage. Links on the webpage are clickable and you can leave notes anywhere on the page for your friends to see.

browse the web together


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you and your friends browse the web together.
  • Lets you and your friends leave notes on the site.
  • Notes can be dragged and reordered.
  • You can chat with your friends.
  • Similar tool: and Screen2.

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