ChangeDetection: Get Website Update Email Alerts

Some sites do not support RSS feeds. People who have got used to getting their updates from feeds might find it inconvenient to manually visit these sites to see what is new. If you are one of these people, then you will greatly appreciate a website update alert tool called “ChangeDetection.”Âť

changedetection   ChangeDetection: Get Website Update Email Alerts

Change Detection is a web service which has been up since 1999, long before RSS and ATOM feeds became popular. You can use Change Detection to monitor any website automatically; when a change occurs on the site you are sent an email notifying you of the change. You can then check your email and visit the site to view the update.

You do all this by first creating an account on the site. With the account formed, you enter your site to be monitored, then the email address to send notifications to. This simple procedure can be very helpful particularly for old sites that get updated rarely such as school and college reunion pages.

changedetection1   ChangeDetection: Get Website Update Email Alerts


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