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At times a website’s color scheme makes the text on it hard to read. In such cases you will find it helpful to view the site in your own preferred colors. Using a tool called ChangeColors, you can now easily customize and view websites in colors you like.

websites in colors

ChangeColors is a browser extension for Google Chrome. It lets you quickly change the color scheme of any website according to your preferences. With the extension installed you can see its icon in the browser’s URL area. Clicking on the icon drops down the theme overriding options where you can change the theme of the currently open tab, all tabs, or all tabs with the current domain. The colors are instantly changed and the webpage is displayed.

customize website colors

To set your preferred color scheme you need to enter the extension’s options page. From here you can control a lot of things including colors for background and text, and whether or not to show Flash objects. Hotkey shortcuts are also supported by the extension and can be seen on the options page.




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  1. Mrclose
    June 30, 2011 at 4:37 am

    For annoying colors on pages you can also use this button (drag to tool bar).

    It changes the page to black and white and highlights any links.

    Lot's more useful 'buttons' on the site.