Challenge Your Instincts And Intuition With The Game Called 100 Floors [Android & iOS]

100floors intro   Challenge Your Instincts And Intuition With The Game Called 100 Floors [Android & iOS]There are a large number of great time wasters out in the world, including Angry Birds and Air Control, an app for Android which I reviewed very recently. However, while Air Control might be a fairly challenging game, it still isn’t quite as challenging for your brain. For a better challenge which could frustrate you because of the simplicity of some of the puzzles, you may want to check out the increasingly popular “100 Floors” game!

About 100 Floors

100 Floors is a puzzle game for Android and iOS devices where you must figure out what you must do in order to open the elevator doors and go up to the next floor. Each floor becomes increasingly more difficult, although there are a few exceptions where instead the most common issue is that you’ll be over-thinking what you have to do to get past the level.


100floors main   Challenge Your Instincts And Intuition With The Game Called 100 Floors [Android & iOS]
After you install the game, you can begin by clicking on the “Start” button. If you tap on the “Levels” button, you can choose between either the main tower or the newly added seasons tower. Each tower has its own floors and challenges on each level, but there will be enough of them to keep you busy for quite a while! In the screen, you can move to whichever levels you’ve unlocked, so you can always go back to whichever ones you’d like or continue on your current floor. Once you’ve completed all 100 floors of the main tower, you’ll be able to go into the annex building for additional floors.


100floors gameplay   Challenge Your Instincts And Intuition With The Game Called 100 Floors [Android & iOS]
There’s a ridiculously large number of tasks you may need to complete in order to reach the next floor. You may need to shake your phone, swipe around to move obstacles, use math, use unannounced buttons (such as the volume buttons), require perfect timing, and make use of whatever hints you can find on the screen. You may also need to use items to fix bolts, wipe away dust, and break walls. At one point, some of the floors may be so difficult that you might have to resort to third-party sources for hints or solutions. With this game, no one will judge you if you do! Even the developers themselves are advertising an official solutions app for the game — $0.99 for iOS but free for Android.


To install the game, simply look up 100 Floors in the Google Play Store for Android or in the Apple App Store for iOS devices. You can also follow this link for Android devices, or this one for iOS devices to quickly find the app. Download times may take a bit longer than most other apps, as it was just under 50MB when I downloaded it for my Android phone.


Overall, the game is extremely addicting and often fairly frustrating, but the joy you feel after you solve a floor is virtually unmatched. It will take some time to complete all 100 floors, especially if you’re going to play without any hints whatsoever. Once you finally complete the original 100 floors in the main tower, you’ll have plenty of more entertainment awaiting you in the annex building and the seasons tower! Plus, don’t forget to check the game repeatedly for new content as it updates quite often!

What’s your favorite puzzle game for your mobile device? How addicted do you usually become when you play puzzle games? Let us know in the comments!

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It is very very addicting. I uninstalled it because of depression.

Ahmed Khalil

yes, you right it is wasting time

Danny Stieben

xD I’m sorry it stressed you out so much! Haha

Siddhant Chaurasia

Wow this game looks addictive

Javier Vega

sounds fun

Ashwin Ramesh

Just downloaded this.. 46 MB is too heavy an app! Hope its worth it ;)

Boni Oloff

Interesting app, gonna use it on my iPhone.


Wasting time as we speak :-)

Lisa Santika Onggrid

It’s amusing. My classmates and I played it a few months ago, breaking floors by floors, and was quite disappointed when the free version only allow you to advance until 30th floor or so.
You’ll get nowhere with literal thinking:)

Danny Stieben

Literal thinking gets my every time. Makes me feel stupid even though I’m trying to be really smart.

Lisa Santika Onggrid

We were like a bunch of idiots flipping the tablet, shaking it, etc, when it could be solved by simply dragging an item. Parampaa affected us so much.

Jeremiah Iliffe

It’s quite a difficult game. But very fun

Nikhil Chandak

I downloaded the game
it was amazing
100 floors !!